Physics tries to explain the universe in terms of observed phenomena. We use physics to build and organize knowledge about the world to make testable explanations and predictions about the universe. By looking at the cause and effect of the external world we can figure out how something works, and why it works.


In modern physics we have four fundamental states of matter.


This matter is all contained in space.



In reality, all states of matter, is just different arragements of atoms.


And atoms are again arragements of particles.


At current time we don’t know exactly what these particles are “made of”. But leading “theories-of-everything” in physics predict that matter can be explained by the vibration of one-dimensional strings.

In the same way as a guitar string can create different musical tones, these strings vibrate on different frequencies  and create the appearance of different particles.


Like a wave appears to be a separate thing on the ocean, it is in reality the ocean itself.


In a larger sense, string theories suggests that the entire universe can be seen as a two-dimensional information structure “painted” on the cosmological horizon. Like ripples on the cosmological ocean we are nothing more than a mere projection of ourselves.


Everything you see, touch, hear, smell – it all originates from One.


According to modern physics everything in the universe origins from a single point. This point contained all the energy in the universe and was infinite in both density and temperature.


In an event called the Big Bang, this energy was released and the universe was born. Time, space and matter was created.

As space expanded, the energy was distributed and the universe cooled down. This separation of energy made it possible for the first particles to appear.


As with the Big Bang we don’t know exactly how life started on earth. But we still know that all life began as a single-cell organism reproducing itself.


These single-celled organisms later evolved to form multicellular organisms which in turn developed to more complex life forms – and eventually the human species.

As time moves forward, the universe tends to evolve toward greater complexity at the expense of energy.



Our limited thinking makes cause and effect limited to a a small set of parameters. For instance – we usually think that we exist because of our parents and our ancestors. But in reality all the events in the whole universe has lead to your existence – to this very moment.


In a way – you are the big bang, and so is everyone else.

As the universe evolves, it recreates the Big Bang in smaller scales. In a cosmic dance of sexual creativity One becomes many, and many becomes One.


This is a process happening all around us, all the time. You came from one cell that became many cells that again became one fetus.


There is no need to think this process will stop with the human species. Like a multicellular organism consisting of individual human beings, our interaction are creating one collective fetus.

Just like the atoms gravitated towards each other to form stars and create new materials, we humans gravitate together to form ideas and create a new reality.



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